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BOSS FIGHT..Now weekly :)

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Mar 8 14 9:47 AM

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Boss fights are Saturdays at 2PM central.  And random times.  I announce on Line hen we have it.  Please join in ;)  When we have advanced enough members and enough people participating, we can start doing it couple of times a week and eventually, daily! Tips and guide for boss fight are below if you want to get familiar. 

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Mar 8 14 10:29 AM

Castle Clash Boss Fight Strategy

Our Boss Fight StrategyWant to beat the boss in Castle Clash’s guild boss fight? Here’s how.Even if your heroes are very weak, we need everybody fighting together to beat the boss. Every bit helps, and it doesn’t cost you anything to fight (personally) although it does cost the guild 50 credits to start the fight. We need everybody.First, it looks like you’re fighting ALONE against IMPOSSIBLE ODDS. That’s NOT TRUE. Every bit of damage you do counts toward the guild’s total. Also, clicking “End Battle” is essential to beating the boss. When you end the battle, the damage you did still counts, and you can re-enter the event again with no penalties. All your heroes will be at full health if they didn’t die.

  1. Make sure you have a low-level hero in your roster. Level 1 is ideal. You can also use any hero with the “Revive” talent. This is the talent that lets that hero respawn instantly with a set percentage of hitpoints after it dies. This is the bait hero.
  2. Before the fight, take all of your heroes out of your towers (if you have heroes in towers).
  3. You probably have five hero bases. These determine who’ll appear in the boss fight. Put your bait hero into one of those five bases. Your strongest four heroes should be in the others.
  4. Check the guild chat before the fight to see if there’s any other breaking news. Get pumped!
  5. When the fight starts, the big green “50 $” button in Guild Hall > Event changes to “Fight” (or something similar), the fight has started. Press it. This doesn’t cost you anything.
  6. You’ll see a big room with one giant boss in it. You won’t ever see anybody else’s heroes; just yours. But we’re all fighting the same boss in different rooms.
  7. Select your bait hero and spawn it behind or to the side of the boss and outside of his range. You’ll get the hang of it.
  8. As soon as the boss spots the bait hero, spawn your other four heroes rapidly right in front of him. This will allow your melee heroes to get in a few smacks. Just don’t put them in too soon or he’ll smash them instead of the bait hero. Get your finger on the “End Battle” button at the top of the screen!
  9. After the boss swings his mighty axe once, wait until he’s about to swing again and END THE BATTLE. Yes, seriously. Unless he’s level 80+ or has Revive, your bait hero is probably dead. It’s not exactly epic battle, I know, but this hit-and-run is the only way for us to take him down. He can one-hit-kill most any hero under level 80. If you lose a strong hero, that hero will be out of the fight for 10-15 minutes, and the boss fight only lasts a half hour. Try to keep them all alive, although it’s not easy. If you do the boss fight strategy right, your heroes are in the room for about five seconds.
  10. If you lost any of your good heroes, replace them with other strong heroes. Don’t replace the bait hero unless something goes wrong. A level 1 hero will revive in about 5 seconds.
  11. Get back to the battle at Guild Hall > Event > Fight. Start again from Step 7. Keep at it… you can see the progress we’re making in the boss’ health bar.
  12. Remember, if we win the battle, everybody gets 500 HBs and the top 10 damage-dealers get much more. But we all get zilch if we fail!Picking the Best Heroes for a Castle Clash Boss FightThere are certain attributes you want for your four besties (the non-bait heroes) and they may be different than what you use for raids and arena.Here are my guidelines, in order of priority:
    1. High damage over time. You’d rather have a level 70 assassin than a level 90 werewolf; the assassin attacks faster and does more damage per hit.
    2. The Heavy Blow talent. Heavy Blow is a huge boon — it does work on the boss and often you can get the boss stunned before any of your other heroes get close to “proccing” (aka using their primary skill). IMHO if you have a strong Heavy Blow talent (say, 4/5 or 5/5) on a weak hero, she might be a better non-bait hero than a much higher-level masher.
    3. The Slow Down talent. This does slow the boss, and a slower boss means about 50% more time to whack on him as he approaches your bait hero, and then turns to your other heroes.
    4. Ranged attacks. Ranged attackers hit the boss faster when you put them in and thus get more attacks in before you have to quit out.
    5. Durability. It’s nice to have non-bait heroes who can take a hit, because sometimes you misclick and they end up getting smacked. But until all your non-bait heroes can take a hit, it’s not nearly as important as the others. Why? Because you don’t want to gamble that the boss will hit your durable hero first after killing your bait hero. The goal is to keep all your damage-dealers in the boss fight as long as possible.
    6. The primary or “proc” skill of your heroes. If your heroes can take a few hits from the boss, then they have enough time to proc before you end the fight, and this skill becomes relevant. Some handy talents are the champion (stun), druid (heal/buff), pumpkin duke (celebrate), succubus (lash), thunder god (stun), and executioner (stun).

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